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Founded on the principals of providing outstanding customer service and the highest quality products, Happy Valley Processing ( Ole Timey Meat Shop) is certainly a cut above. Our line of hand-cut, premium Angus Beef steaks, Pork, Sausage and more always meet up to our highest standards.
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am - 5:30pm :: Saturday 8am - Noon

Breakfast Pak

$25991 lb. Sausage (Link) 1 lb. Bacon 1 Pkg. Biscuits 1 Bottle of Syrup

Singles Pak

$38992 lb. Pork Sausage (loose) 2 lb. Ground Beef 2 lb. Cube Steak 1 lb. Bacon 4 Assorted Pork Chops 

Quality Pak

$85995 lb. Cube Steak 5 lb. Ground Beef 5 Pork Chops 1 Beef Chuck Roast 2 Split Chickens

Po Man’s Pak

$55995 lb. Ground Beef 5 lb. Pork Chops 5 lb. Pork Ribs 2 Split Chickens

Budget Pak

$125991 lb. Beef Shoulder Roast 2 Beef Chuck Roasts 4 Rib Eye Steaks 1 pkg. Beef Boneless Stew 1 pkg. Beef Rib Stew 10 lb. Ground Beef

Hinney Pak

$145991 Beef Roast 2 Beef Chuck Roasts 4 T-Bone Steaks 1 lb. Cube Steak 2 Sirloin Steaks 2 Split Chickens

Our Services

For all your occasions


Butcher Shop

We are your small town butcher shop. Fast, friendly service with only the best cuts of meat. We will special cut to order from a special thickness of steaks to acquiring and processing a whole hog for a special event.


We can process Beef, pork, lamb and goat for our farming friends, and are USDA certified if you want to special label and sell your own meat.

Speciality Items

We carry and sell specialty items like herbs, cheeses, chicken, bacon wrapped quail and other items. Ask what our specials are today.